REAL Practice ANALYTICS that not only give you vital insight on your practice, but also create staff accountability.  We clearly define each members roll, collaboratively set targets, then work on achievement!

PERSONALIZED COACHING tailored to fit you and your practices’ unique needs, from front office best behaviors to a soft tissue management system that works. We cover it all!

SYSTEMS that make sure all the hard work of changing our behavior STAYS IN PLACE. The goal is to be CLEAR, CONCISE and CONSISTENT in every aspect of the practice.

Analytics - Coaching - Systems

For 15 years our mission has been to help our clients focus on providing high-quality patient care and maximizing the income from their efforts. The demands of running a dental practice can interfere with the ability to spend time interacting with patients. Our dental practice management solutions are designed to improve the operational aspects of your dental practice so you can spend more time doing what you love and less time running the office. Through dental practice productivity consulting, we show your team how to work together as a cohesive group. Simultaneously, our focus on accountability helps everyone excel in their individual job duties. We combine these elements with robust dental practice systems.  Our unique approach helps our clients to maximize dental profits and leaves more time free to spend with patients, family, and enjoying life outside the office.


Our goal is to make EACH team member, and YOU THE DOCTOR, conscious of your behavior and accountable to a system.  IT IS THE SYSTEM that becomes the most important element. We will work to define our best practices and implement systems that allow us to operate at optimum levels.

  • Goal Setting That Means Something
  • Establishing REAL Standards of Care
  • Front Office Best Behaviors
  • Strong Recall Systems
  • Case Presentation
  • Scheduling
  • One Act Play to Convert More Dentistry
  • A Simple, Strong and Effective STM System
  • Clear Concise Consistent Case Presentation
  • Creating an Environment of Accountability
  • In-House Speciality, OS/Perio/Endo/Ortho
  • The New Patient Experience