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5 Things You Need to Do Before Reopening Your Office

It may sound like a relief to hear that you’re going to finally be able to re-open your office if you’re a business owner, but do you know how you’re going to go about preparing for that moment when the all-clear is sounded? From infection control to ordering supplies, staff training, configuring your office, and communicating, here are 5 things you need to do before reopening your office, including steps you should take to ensure the transition goes as smooth as possible, and that your staff is protected and in an overall safe work environment.

1. Infection Control: Determine what your new infection and control policies will look like, including waiting room distancing, procedures for intake, and more.

2. Ordering Supplies: Order exactly what you’ll need to use and enforce your new infection control policies throughout your practice.

3. Staff Training: Start training your staff on what decisions need to be made and what role they’ll be playing.

4. Configure Your Office: Regarding social distancing guidelines, make sure your office is configured to comply with the CDC’s recommendations.

5. Communicate: It is important to communicate with not only patients but with your entire staff regularly.

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