About Us

For 15 years Perform DDS, previously Alliance Consulting Group, has been making the dreams of its clients become a reality. Perform offers the personal touch that many “consultants” promise but cannot deliver. Our techniques of team accountability and practice growth are focused intently on creating systems that allow you the owner/practitioner to do what you do best—THE DENTISTRY!



At Perform DDS, we believe that you deserve more, namely a full life and a prosperous dental practice! We make it possible for you to focus on providing high-quality patient care by ensuring that the business and marketing sides of your dental practice are running smoothly. Throughout our 15 year history, we have worked with hundreds of dentists, the core challenges most practitioners face are the same:

  • Having time to treat patients properly
  • Manage the business of the practice
  • Maintain a work/home balance

At times it can seem that all these important tasks cannot be done well. This leads many dentists to feel rundown, discouraged, stressed out, and unhappy. Rather than struggle on and on for years, recognize that you cannot do it all, and the good news is that you don’t have to. We are here, and we’ve solved your challenges 1001 times before. We will personalize and customize solutions for you – resulting in less stress and increased revenue.

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