COVID-19 Vaccine Information and Resources

It is no secret that dental practices will likely be called upon to administer coronavirus vaccines. Dental professionals are already approved to do so in California. The American Dental Association has developed some critical FAQs for you and your employees to be aware of — you can access them here.

Get clear, up-to-date guidance and make informed decisions for you and your dental team based on the currently available data about the COVID-19 vaccine. Continue to check back for new resources – additional vaccine information will be added as it becomes available.

Dentists and COVID-19 Vaccination

  • NEW COVID-19 Vaccine Training and Education

This list includes educational resources about COVID-19 vaccinations and training for healthcare professionals.

Download resource list


  • NEW Principles for Legislation on Dentists as Vaccine Administrators

This resource is designed to help state dental associations advocate for dentists to be allowed to administer COVID-19 vaccinations.

Download legislative principles


  • Key COVID-19 Vaccine Information

Understand the status, safety and efficacy data, and more to help you, your dental team and patients take action.

Download the COVID-19 Vaccination Fact Sheet


  • COVID-19 Vaccine Regulations for Dentists Map

State-by-state, COVID-19 vaccine distribution and availability, as well as the ability for dentists to administer vaccinations, will vary. Click through to this interactive map to see the status of your state regarding vaccine allocation and administration.

Learn the status of your state


  • COVID-19 Vaccination Employer FAQs

Review answers to common questions among practice owners about COVID-19 vaccines and the dental team.

Download legal FAQs


  •  COVID-19 Vaccination Employee Dentist FAQs

Read answers to common questions among employee dentists about COVID-19 vaccines in the workplace.

Download employee FAQs


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