Patient Experience Begins in the Waiting Room

Even though it can be said that the patient’s experience begins even before the patient arrives in the waiting room, what happens there strongly sets the tone for the patient’s overall experience. Make a positive impression with your waiting room. It is vital, and although it may seem minor — it’s not to be overlooked! Read on for a few points to consider.

We all know that the healthcare industry is constantly changing and evolving. Patients often expect nothing less than the best possible care and experience when they walk into a dental practice. However, what many of us don’t realize is that a great patient experience begins even before the patient sees you. In fact, it starts in the waiting room. The waiting room is a crucial part of the patient experience, and there are a few things you can do to make sure it’s a positive one.


The waiting room is often a patient’s first impression of your practice, so it’s important to make sure it’s a good one. First impressions can be influenced by things like the cleanliness of the waiting room, the friendliness of the staff, and even the decor. If your waiting room is cluttered, dark, and dingy, patients may get the wrong idea about your practice before they’ve even seen a dentist.

On the other hand, if your waiting room is bright, clean, and inviting, patients will be more likely to have a positive attitude about their visit before they even met you.

First impressions matter, and the waiting room is often patients’ first impression of your practice. Make sure it’s a good one by keeping it clean, bright, and inviting.


The waiting room is where patients are most vulnerable. When patients are in those chairs waiting for their appointment, they are often anxious or in pain — and all too aware that they are at the mercy of the staff and doctors. A great patient experience in the waiting room can go a long way in making patients feel more comfortable and confident in the care they are about to receive.

The waiting room is the first opportunity for patients to interact with your team. This interaction can set the tone for the rest of their visit. If they’re greeted by a friendly face and made to feel welcome, they’ll be more likely to have a positive experience overall. On the other hand, if they’re ignored or made to feel like an inconvenience, they may not want to come back.

Make sure your team is friendly and welcoming to set the tone for the rest of the visit.


Finally, the waiting room is often a reflection of the dental clinic as a whole. If it’s well-run and organized, chances are the rest of the facility is too. If it’s chaotic and disorganized, that’s often a sign of bigger problems.

The waiting room is also a good opportunity to set the stage for the rest of the visit. If you have educational materials in the waiting room, patients can learn more about their dental health while they wait. This can make them feel more comfortable and informed when they go back for their appointment.



If you’re looking to improve the patient experience in your waiting room, there are a few things you can do. Ask yourself these questions to start:

  • Is the decor inviting and comfortable?
  • Has your staff been trained on the importance of customer service?
  • Do you have educational materials available?
  • Is the waiting room clean and organized?
  • Do the patients have access to a clean bathroom?
  • Is there a sign letting patients know how they can access the Wi-Fi?
  • Do you offer your patients a drink of water while they wait?

Making even a few small changes in your waiting room can make a big difference in the patient experience. By creating a positive environment from the start, you can help put patients at ease and set the stage for a great visit. A great patient experience is crucial to a successful dental practice, so don’t underestimate the importance of the waiting room!

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