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Get more patients + maximize profits with proven systems. It’s time to take your practice to the next level.

Optimize your practice in 3 steps.​


More Profits, Less Headaches

Our primary focus is to give you a real BUSINESS. A business that functions with accountability, more predictability and less day to day operational input from you, the owner. In short, ‘make more and work less’ – that is the goal, and for many dentists it seems more and more elusive.


Proven Systems

We make sure all the hard work of changing your behavior stays in place. The goal is to be clear, concise and consistent in every aspect of your dental practice management.


Personalized 1:1 Coaching

Our dental coaching & consulting is tailored to fit you and your practices’ unique needs, from front office best behaviors to a soft tissue management system that works. We cover it all!

our services

We are a full service dental consulting agency.

our approach

David Orr – Chief Growth Strategist

Help you make more, while working less.

Our team of dental coaches implements proven systems directly into your dental practice to maximize your profit and minimize your stress.


Our consultants focus on:

  • Systems Development
  • Team Development
  • Leadership Development + Vision Planning
  • Hygiene Optimization
  • Production + Case Acceptance 
  • Patient Retention
  • Practice Metrics Reporting (dashboards)
  • New Patient Acquisition
  • Financing + Collections

why choose us


We exclusively work with dental practices. It’s all we do, and we are pretty damn good at it.


Your problems may be new to you, but not to our dental coaches. We’ve solved these problems dozens of times before & can help tailor a solution that we know will work.


The goal of our dental practice consultants is to make each team member, and you the doctor, conscious of your behavior and accountable to a system. It is the system and the processes that become a most important element in your success. We will work to refine your best practices and implement replicable solutions so you can operate at optimum levels.


We focus you, the practitioner, on what is most important and help you develop – and keep – permanent solutions to grow your dental business.

our clients

Success with 120 smiling dental practice clients (and counting).

expert insights

David Orr on "head > behavior > results" methodology.

Access live custom performance monitoring dashboards.

David Orr discusses the value of the 2-to-1 transfer.

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