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Marketing your practice takes a team that understands and has a passion for what you have to offer your patients. Your office manager may have a Facebook page, however, this is a far cry from running a business page. Your office manager may be proficient in all things business related to Facebook, but let’s be honest- this is not their primary realm of expertise! Additionally, Facebook is only 1/100th of the marketing pie. When marketing your company, you need to cover all aspects of your practice’s presence online and in the community. From web design to a robust social media presence – think IG, LinkedIn (personal AND corporate pages), Yelp and Google, newsletters to search engine optimization, it all needs to work together  – and reviews and comments responded to – in order to ensure that your practice stands out in your patient’s mind as the place to visit, recommend, bring their family – and come back again.

We know the ways in which to keep your brand strong by providing new patients with what they are looking for and providing returning patients with continued support, information, and multiple reasons to come back to your practice and your services.

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Consistent Content on Social Media: Effective social media campaigns, management, and monitoring are essential to the success of your practice. Consistency is key and having someone working for you in the realm of your social media content helps to get your brand noticed and will keep your patients coming back. So much of our lives are spent digitally, that patients will ask questions through your online platforms, look for knowledge through your posts and online activity, and expect information to be updated and relevant to their needs. By having a consistent and knowledge-based presence on your social media accounts, patients will have a reason to follow you, and your content will keep your brand top-of-mind. When a company does not effectively manage its social media content, not only is it not beneficial to your practice, it is actually detrimental. This is an area that having someone working for you is crucial to building a solid patient base with both new and returning patients.

Web Content That Matters: Why would a potential or returning patient visit your webpage? Hours of operation, FAQs, and information that better informs them in terms of what you can provide and highlights your industry knowledge. Your website is the portal to your business and patients will visit that before they call you to book an appointment or visit it when they are considering a new service. Therefore, your website must be up to date and provide content that not only draws patients to click on it but keeps them there. The blogs that get uploaded to your website allow you to show your industry knowledge, discuss issues that may affect your patients or let them know about new or popular services your practice can provide. Your web content and monthly newsletter allow you to serve a need to your patient as well as showcase your success as a practice and all that you have to offer.

Create a Strong Brand: Think of the greatest in any field. Whether it is in the realm of fashion, aesthetics or sports, all of the brands that come to mind as leaders in their field have one thing in common: a clear and identifiable brand. The way you create and maintain a brand for your practice is having dental marketing consultants who can see your vision and turn it into reality through their marketing strategies, office optimization and overall presence of your brand. The online brand needs to match the in-office patient experience, and by creating a seamless transition from the patient’s perception of your entity online or through your social media accounts and then having that match with what the patient sees in-office helps to strengthen and solidify your brand. This makes the work you do in terms of your marketing so important as it is all a part of building your practice’s brand.

No software can deliver the personalization your practice needs to set your business apart from the rest. The services your practice can provide needs to be highlighted and marketed across a series of platforms and this is where you need a team with industry knowledge working for you.


Perform DDS does this! We understand dental marketing like no one else can, and we deliver this to you and your practice. Our services will bring you new patients, help you maintain relationships with your current patients and ensure that they are referring your practice to others, helping to keep your brand strong! Visit our Facebook page at or give us a call at 949.232.4788 to see how we can help to optimize your practice!


If you would like to put more focus on your education and patient care, and less time in the often frustrating management and marketing of your practice, we can help. Call us for a complimentary consultation and we will quickly show you the great positive impact we can make to your operations, brand, and revenue. 949.232.4788

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